Who is behind Lawn in a Box?

We would like to tell you a little about our organisation, The Lawn Company so that you get a warm feeling that we really know what we are on about.  In short we are lawn experts with many hats and into lawns, turf and weeds in a big way daily.

We have been involved in lawns and their care and professional sports turf for over 35 years.  We have a group of  companies involved in the day to day management of the above.  We are qualified to Degree level in the science and practice of turf culture and sports turf management and responsible for the numerous lawn and turf related web sites and garden retail products.  We are regular contributors to the trade and consumer press.

We work on some fantastic facilities and establishments within the UK and our advice is sought from overseas too. 

One of our aims is to bridge the gap between domestic lawn care and professional turf management.

We enjoy what we do every day too.  We are basically into weeds and grass, it's a growing business and we just love it!

You can personally email Mike Seaton, Managing Director with your comments and questions.

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