Summer Delivery

Summer Lawn Box SupplyIn the early Summer supplies box, you shall receive lawn care products to get your lawn looking fighting fit and fabulous for summer and those peak garden enjoyment months.  What you don't get is guaranteed sunshine!

Full instructions for use will be contained on the products in the normal way.

Apply as soon as your Lawn Box arrives.  Always feed before you weed thus apply the fertiliser a few weeks ahead of the selective weed killer treatment.  Do not mow three days before or after making a lawn treatment.

Fertiliser - Slow Release Granular Fertiliser with a typical analysis of N28 - P3 - K8 that has 50% of it's Nitrogen source in a slow release form that will give a steady nutrient release for up to 12 weeks, so until your next Lawn Box arrives!  Applied with a rotary spreader at a rate of 30 grams per square metre.  For even coverage, you could cut the rate in half and apply twice, at right angles to each other making sure you look after the edges.  The fertiliser will not harm your plant or shrub borders should some fertiliser end up off the lawn.

Selective Weed Killer - a well known brand which will both eradicate a wide range of lawn weeds.  Do not mow three days before or after applying this control treatment so that the weeds have sufficient leaf growth to take in the weed killer and time to absorb it down into the roots to ultimately kill the weeds.  Repeat 6 weeks after the first treatment to gain 100% control.  Use with the Indigo Spray Indicator Dye sent to you in the Spring Lawn Box to assist you in your spraying technique and not over spray or miss areas.

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