Spring Delivery

Spring Lawn Box SupplyIn the Spring supplies box, you shall receive lawn care products to get your lawn out of the winter doldrums.

Full instructions for use will be contained on the products in the normal way.

Apply after you have mown your lawns in the Spring a couple of times.  Do not mow three days before or after making a lawn treatment.

Moss Control - Soluble Iron - mix with water and spray as a blanket spray in a garden sprayer across your lawns.  The moss will turn black quickly, the grass will darken in green colour and the moss may be scarified out some two to three weeks later.

Fertiliser - Slow Release Granular Fertiliser with a typical analysis of N28 - P3 - K8 that has 50% of it's Nitrogen source in a slow release form that will give a steady nutrient release for up to 12 weeks, so until your next Lawn Box arrives!  Applied with a rotary spreader and after the lawn has been moss controlled and scarified at a rate of 30 grams per square metre.

Spray Indicator Dye - spray tank colourant to add to your garden sprayer tank to help you see where you have / have not / should have / not have sprayed treatment products.  Can be used with all liquid lawn care and total weed killers on driveways and pathways.  Should not be used on absorbent stonework / terraces.  You can use this for your early summer selective weed control on the lawn.

Worm Cast Control - a  sulphur based liquid which will keep the worm casts at bay for a 20 day period.  Re apply at 1/3rd dose rate every 20 days until the worms naturally stop casting on the lawn surface.  Controlling the worm casts will greatly improve your lawn surface and turf grass density as you start mowing the lawn in the spring.

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